Railways Technical Ability Metrology and Inspection Question Bank Metrology and Inspection

  • question_answer Earning in Rowan system\[=R\times {{T}_{\alpha }}+\frac{{{T}_{s}}-{{T}_{a}}}{{{T}_{s}}}\,{{T}_{\alpha }}R,\] Earning in \[50%\] Halsey plan \[=R\times {{T}_{\alpha }}+p({{T}_{s}}-{{T}_{a}})\,R,\] where R = hourly rate, \[{{T}_{\alpha }}\]actual completion time of tank, \[{{T}_{s}}\]= standard time of task, p = percentage allowed. Both Rowan system and \[50%\] Halsey plane will provided the same bearing when the actual time is:

    A) Equal to standard time

    B) Half the standard time

    C) One-quarter of standard time

    D) Twice the standard time.

    Correct Answer: B

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