8th Class Computers Science Microsoft Excel Question Bank MS-Excel 2010

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    Match the following MS-Excel functions given in Column-1 with their uses in Column - II
    Column - I Column - II
    (i) AVERAGE(range) (a) Returns the number rounded to the nearest odd integer.
    (ii) ODD(number) (b) Current date is displayed in the cell.
    (iii) MOD(number1, number2 (c) Rounds the number1 to the digits specified in number2.
    (iv) ROUND(number1,number2) (d) Returns the remainder when number1 is divided by the number2.
    (v) TODAY(  ) (e) Finds the average of the given range of numbers.

    A) (i) - (e), (ii) - (a), (iii) - (c), (iv) - (d), (v) - (b)

    B) (i) - (a), (ii) - (e), (iii) - (c), (iv) - (d), (v) - (b)

    C) (i) - (a), (ii) - (e), (iii) - (d), (iv) - (c), (v) - (b)

    D) (i) - (e), (ii) - (a), (iii) - (d), (iv) - (c), (v) - (b)

    Correct Answer: D

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