4th Class English Noun Question Bank Noun

  • question_answer Direction: Read the passage and fill up the blanks with correct option. Green is a beautiful colour! In nature, the 38.____ that you walk on is green and the 39.____ that you see on trees are usually green. Most of the plants that you see are green too! Frogs are green and many grasshoppers are green too. Turtles are different shades of green. Did you know that you can make green 40.____ by mixing blue and yellow? Because you can make green my mixing two primary colours, it is called a secondary colour. Green is also the name used to describe the movement to make products that do not harm the 41.____. Green products are often those made from recycled 42.____ or those that are safe to throw out in the 43.____.

    A) shoes              

    B) road          

    C)  grass        

    D) floor

    Correct Answer:


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