UPSC Geography Oceans and continents Question Bank Oceanography

  • question_answer          Which of the following straits is nearest to the International Date Line?                                 

    A)  Malacca Strait              

    B)  Strait of Florida        

    C)  Bering Strait    

    D)  Strait of Gibraltar

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

     Bering Strait between Alaska and Siberian lies exactly at the International Date Line. Malacca Strait lies between Malaysia and Indonesia and about \[{{100}^{o}}E\] longitude. Strait of Florida lies between Florida (U.S.A.) and Cuba at about \[{{80}^{o}}W\] longitude. Strait of Gibraltar lies between Spain (Europe) and Morocco (Africa) at about \[{{6}^{o}}W\] longitude.


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