UPSC Geography Oceans and continents Question Bank Oceanography

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    Which of the following factors of ocean current formation is specific to the North Indian Ocean?

    A)  Salinity difference         

    B)  Shape of coasts

    C)  Evaporation    

    D)  Change of seasons

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

     North Indian Ocean currents are influenced by the change of seasons because there is change in the direction of currents of the North Indian Ocean according to change of season. In the winter season the north equatorial current is influenced by north-east monsoon winds and blows from east to west. Known as North- East Monsoon drift, it starts from the Strait of Malacca and flows along the coast of Indian peninsula. It turns towards the equator as Equatorial counter current and completes the circle. During the summer season, a strong current flows from west to east and completely obliterates the North Equatorial current. This is due to strong south-west monsoons. There is no counter equatorial current at this time of the year. Thus the circulation of water is clockwise during summer season.

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