4th Class Mental Ability Ranking and Ordering-Test Question Bank Order and Ranking

  • question_answer Mohit, Rohit, Tanuj, Varun and Amit are comparing the flavours of milkshake they like Mohit, Tanuj and Amit are the only ones who like vanilla milkshake. Rohit is the only one who dislikes strawberry milkshake. Varun s favourite is chocolate milkshake. Everyone except Tanuj likes banana milkshake. The only child who does not like chocolate milkshake is Mohit. Who likes the least flavours of milkshake?

    A) Amit                      

    B) Varun       

    C) Mohit                     

    D) Rohit           (Olympiad)

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Vanilla Straw-berry Chocolate Bananas
    Mohit \[\times \]
    Rohit \[\times \] \[\times \]
    Varun \[\times \]
    Tanuj \[\times \]
    So, it is clearly shown from the above arrangement that Rohit likes the least flavours of milkshake.


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