JEE Main & Advanced Mathematics Three Dimensional Geometry Question Bank Plane

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    If the points \[(1,\,1,\,k)\] and \[(-3,\,0,\,1)\] be equidistant from the plane \[3x+4y-12z+13=0\],then k =

    A)            0

    B)            1

    C)            2

    D)            None of these

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

               According to question,                    \[|\,\,3+4-12k+13\,\,|\,=\,|\,-9\,-12+13\,\,|\]                    \[\therefore \,\,\,3+4-12k+13=8\,\,\Rightarrow \,\,k=1\].

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