4th Class Science Plants Question Bank Plant Life - I (Adaptation in Plants)

  • question_answer Abhi knew that plants adapt themselves to the conditions in the environment in which they live. He observed a plant and noticed the following characteristics:
    (i) It has lots of branches and Leaves
    (ii) It can with stand summer heat
    (iii) It sheds its leaves in the autumn
    But he is confused to identify what kind of plant it is. Can you help him?

    A)  It is a plant that grows in plains.

    B)  It is a plant of hilly areas.

    C)  It is a plant that lives under water.

    D)  It is a plant that grows in marshy areas.

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    Plants that grow in plains have lots of branches and leaves, they can bear summer heat and shed their leaves in autumn.


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