4th Class Science Plants Question Bank Plant Life - I (Adaptation in Plants)

  • question_answer Match the following plants in Column-I with their examples in Column-II.
    Column-I Column-II
    p. Conifers          i. Pitcher
    q. Insectivorus plant     Ii, Cactus
    r. Desert plant       iii. Pine

    A)  \[p-i,\text{ }q-ii,\text{ }r-iii~\]

    B)  \[p-ii,\text{ }q-i,\text{ }r-iii\]

    C)  \[p-iii,\text{ }q-i,\text{ }r-ii\]

    D)  \[p-iii,\text{ }q-ii,\text{ }r-i\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Pine is a conifer, insectivorous plant is also called pitcher plant and cactus is a desert plant.


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