5th Class English Comprehension (Prose and Poetry) Question Bank Questions - Alice in Wonderland

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    Give another word for given below with similar meanings and make sentences. Make sentences with each of the opposites of these describing words and make sentences with them.


    S. No. Word Similar word Opposite word Sentence
    1. Lovely Attractive Nasty 1. Sheila?s dress was very attractive. 2. Shravan had nasty nature.
    2. Talking Chatting Silent 1. Arun was chatting on the computer. 2. The class was silent.
    3. Listening Hearing Speaking 1. Father was hearing the news on the radio. 2. Mother was speaking to the neighbor.
    4. See Look at Ignore 1. Look at the beautiful picture. 2. Rabbit ignored Alice.
    5. Centre core border 1. Prime Minister addressed the core problem. 2. Army men live at the border for our country.

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