10th Class Mathematics Real Numbers Question Bank Real Numbers

  • question_answer A charitable trust donates 28 different; books of Maths, 16 different books of Science and 12 different books of Social Science to poor students. Each student. is given maximum number of books of only one subject of their interest and each student got equal number of books. (a) Find the number of books each student got. (b) Find the total number of students who got books.


    A B
    4 14


    A B
    3 10


    A B
    4 10


    A B
    3 15

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (a) H.C.F.  \[(28,16,12)=2\times 2=4\] \[\therefore \] Number of books each student got =4 (b) No. of students who got Maths books \[=\frac{28}{4}=7\]             No. of students who got Science books \[=\frac{16}{4}=4\]             No. of students who got Science books \[=\frac{12}{4}=3\]             \[\therefore \] Total no. of students who got books             \[=7+4+3=14\]                

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