Railways Technical Ability Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Question Bank Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning

  • question_answer The cooling loads for a building are:
    RSH = 100 kW (Room sensible heat)
    RLH = 25 kW (Room latent heat)
    OASH = 10 kW (Outside air sensible heat)
    OALH = 10 kW (Outside air latent heat)
    The bypass factor of the cooling coil is 0.15. What are the values of the room sensible heat factor and external sensible heat factor respectively?

    A) 0.72 and 0.8                 

    B) 0.8 and 0.79

    C) 0.79 and 0.8                 

    D) 0.79 and 0.72

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    RSHF \[=\frac{RSH}{RSH+RLH}\] \[=\frac{100}{100+25}=\frac{100}{125}=0.8\] \[ESHF=\frac{RSHJ+OASH+BPF}{(RSH+OASH\times BPF)\,+\,RLH\,\,+\,\,OALH\,\,+\,\,BPF)}\] \[=\frac{100+10\times 0.15}{(100+25)\,+\,(10+10\,)\times 0.15}\] \[=\frac{101.5}{128}=0.79\]

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