4th Class Science Safety First Question Bank Safety and First Aid

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    Match the following terms in Column-I with those in Column-II.
    Column - I Column - II
    p. Cross the road at                  i. Foot path or to the left side of the road
    q. Always walk   on the ii. Good conditioned toys.
    r. Play in the iii. Playground
    s. It is safe to    play with the iv. Zebra crossing

    A)  \[p-i,q-ii,\text{ }r-iii,s-iv\]

    B)  \[p-iii,q-iv,r-ii,s-i\]

    C)  \[p-iv,q-iii,r-j,s-ii\]

    D)  \[p-iv,\text{ }q-i,\text{ }r-iii,\text{ }s-ii\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Cross the road at zebra crossing, always walk on the footpath, play in the play ground. It is safe to play with toys in a good condition.

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