9th Class Social Science Electoral Politics Question Bank Scratch Your Brain - Electoral Politics

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    Arun was not in class when the chapter 'Electoral Polities' was being taught. He came the next day and repealed what he had heard from his father. Can you tell Ramesh what is wrong with these statements?
    (a) Women always vote the way men tell them to. So, what Is the point of giving them the right to vote?
    (b) Party politics creates tension in society. Elections should be decided by consensus not by competition.
    (c) Only graduates should be allowed to stand as candidates for elections.                               



    (a) No, women can decide for whom they should vote for.
    (b) Electoral competition is necessary because it provides incentives to political parties and leaders and forces them to serve the people.
    (c) Elections have nothing to do with the educational qualifications of a candidate.


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