10th Class Social Science Federalism and Center State Relation Question Bank Short Answer Type - Federalism

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    Distinguish between the Federal form of Government and Unitary form of Government.
    What is the main difference between a federal form of government and a unitary one? Explain with an example.


    Distinction between Federal from and Unitary from of Governments.

    Federal form of Government Unitary form of Government
    Nature: Under the federal system there are two levels of government, one at the central level and other at the state level. Both Level have their areas of jurisdiction. Nature: But in Unitary form of government either there is only one level of government or the sub-units are subordinate to the central government.
    Function: (i) In federal system a state government has powers of its own for which it is not answerable to the central government. (ii) Central government cannot order the state government to do something Function: (i) On the other hand in unitary system the state government does not have Powers of its own.  (ii) The central government can pass on orders to the local government.
    Scope and Significance : In most federations, there is dual citizen­ship-one of the country and one of state. For example, U.S.A., but this does not exist in India. Scope and Significance: Unlike a federal system Unitary system has a single citizenship.

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