10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

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    How did the First World War help in the growth of the National Movement in India?


    The First World War played an important role in strengthening national movement in India.
    The war created a new economic and political situation. It led an increase in expenditure which was met by the additional taxes on Indian people.
    The War led to a price rise-leading to extreme hardships for the common people. Villages were called upon to supply soldiers and this forced recruitment in rural areas caused widespread anger.
    Acute shortage of food accompanied by influenza epidemic led to famine and misery. The Indians began to realise, that they were unnecessarily drawn in a war which was for British imperialist interest. This feeling united the Indians against the British who began to demand reforms.
    Fortunately during the period of war Gandhiji returned to India from South Africa and gave leadership to people by organising Satyagraha which was the mass struggle against foreign authorities.

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