10th Class Social Science Nationalism in India Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Nationalism In India

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    Examine the Satyagraha movement organised by Gandhiji between 1916-1918.
    With what major aims were the peasant movements organised in 1920?


    Between 1916-1918, Gandhiji successfully organised Satyagraha Movement involving the masses.
    In 1916, he travelled to Champarah in Bihar to inspire the peasants to struggle against the oppressive plantation system. In 1917, he took up the cause of the peasants of kheda district of Ahmedabad to fight for reduction of revenue through Satyagraha Movement.
    In 1918, Gandhiji organised Satyagraha Movement against cotton mill owners.
    These movements were the first mass movements in Indian National movement. These inculcated self-confidence and a spirit to fight against injustice among people.

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