9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Working of Institutions

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    What are the merits of a Parliamentary System of Government?


    (a) In a parliamentary form of government, the executive cannot become autocratic because of fear of the vote of no-confidence which can lead to the fall of the government. Thus it remains responsive to public opinion. (b) There is harmony between the executive and legislature because the policies of the government are backed by the legislature. It ensures swiftness in decision-making because it is easier for the cabinet to get its policies approved by the legislature since it has the support of the majority behind it. (c) It is a flexible form of government. The Prime Minister may seek the confidence of the Parliament in postponing elections or inducting leaders of the opposition party in his government in times of crisis. (d) It holds prospects for the formation of an alternative government in the event of fall of the government.

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