9th Class Social Science Working of Institutions Question Bank Short Answer Type Questions - Working of Institutions

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    What role was played by the following people with reference to Office Memorandum No. 36012/31/90 :
    (a) Joint Secretary                                  
    (b) B.P. Mandal
    (c) V.P. Singh.'                          
    (d) Indira Sawhney


    (a) The office Memorandum No. 36012/31/90 was issued by the Department of Personnel and Training of the Indian Government. It was signed by the Joint Secretary who is the senior most of this department.  (b) The Government appointed the Second Backward Classes Commission which was headed by B.P. Mandal and on whose recommendations the office memorandum was based. (c) V.P. Singh was the Prime Minister during this time and informed both Houses of Parliament of the decision to implement the Mandal Commission's Report (d) Various cases opposing the Mandal commission?s repot were filed in the courts. These cases were bunched together and came to be known as the India Swhney and Others vs. Government of India and Other's cases.

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