UPSC History Arts and Cultural Movements Question Bank Socio-Religious and Cultural Reforms

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    After the death of Raja Rammohan Roy, the Brahmo Samaj split into two sections: the Brahmo Samaj of India and the Adi Brahmo Samaj. Who were the leaders of the two sections, respectively?                       [NDA 2009-II]

    A)  Keshab Chandra Sen and Debendranath Tagore

    B)  Radhakanta Deb and Debendranath Tagore

    C)  Keshab Chandra Sen and Radhakanta Deb

    D)  Debendranath Tagore and Radhakanta Deb

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

     The conflict between Sen and Debendranath Tagore was broadened in 1865, when Tagore allowed the Brahmos conducting services to wear their sacred threads. Sen objected this decision and withdrew from the Brahmo Samaj along with his followers. Keshab Chandra Sen and his disciples established the Brahmo Samaj of India on 15th November. 1866 and Dcbendranalh Tagore grouped themselves into the Adi (original) Brahmo Samaj.

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