UPSC History Arts and Cultural Movements Question Bank Socio-Religious and Cultural Reforms

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    Match the following                  [NDA 2012-1]
    List-I List-II
    A. lyothere Thass 1. Satyashodhak Samaj
    B. Jyotiba Phule 2. Dravida Kazhagam
    C. John Rathinam 3. Self-Respect Movement
    D. E V Ramaswami Naickar 4. Dravida Mahajana Sabha

    A)             A-4       B-2       C-1       D-3

    B)             A-3       B-1       C-2       D-4

    C)             A-4       B-1       C-2       D-3

    D)             A-3       B-2       C-1       D-4

    Correct Answer: C

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