4th Class Science Solar System Question Bank Solar System

  • question_answer Direction: Read the passage below and answer the following questions? Amit went to a science museum with his elder brother who is an astronaut. From the museum, he saw the sky using a telescope and was able to see a big bright object. His brother told him that this bright object in the sky is a planet that is very unique as it has rings and the greatest number of moons. Moving further he also saw group of stars forming a shape of the bear. Returning home he was very amused and full of queries in his mind. Can you answer some of his queries? What was the name of the bright object that his brother told was a planet?

    A) Neptune                      

    B) Jupiter       

    C) Uranus      

    D) Pluto

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

        The bright planet with the greatest number of moons is Uranus. It cannot be seen with the naked eyes but when seen with the telescope it can be seen as a bright object with rings around it.            


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