11th Class Business Studies Sources Of Business Finance Question Bank Sources Of Business Finance (Long)

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    Explain in detail the types of debenture a company can issue.


    Ans.     Different types of debentures that a company can issue are described below:
    (a) Convertible and Non-convertible Debenture: Convertible debentures are those debentures that can be converted into equity shares after the expiry of a specified period. On the other hand, non-convertible debentures are those which cannot be converted into equity shares.
    (b) Registered and Bearer: Registered debentures are those which are duly recorded in the register of debentures holders maintained by the company. These can be transferred only through a regular instrument of transfer. In contrast the debentures which are transferable by more delivery are called bearer debentures.
    (c) Secured and Unsecured: Secured debentures are such which create a charge on the assets of the company, thereby mortgaging the assets of the company. Unsecured debentures on the other hand do not carry any charge or security on the assets of the company.
    (d) First and Second: Debentures that are rapid before other debentures are known as first debentures. The second debentures are those which are paid after the first debentures have been paid back.

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