Railways Technical Ability Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials Question Bank Strength of Materials

  • question_answer A circular shaft can transmit a torque of 5 kNm. the torque is reduced to 4 kNm then the maximum value of bending moment that can be applied to the shaft is

    A) 1 kNm              

    B) 2 kNm     

    C) 3 kNm              

    D) 4 kNm

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Equivalent torque, \[{{T}_{e}}=\sqrt{{{M}^{2}}+{{T}^{2}}}\] \[5=\sqrt{{{M}^{2}}+16}\] \[M\text{ }=\text{ }3\text{ }kN.m\]

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