Railways Technical Ability Engineering Mechanics and Strength of Materials Question Bank Strength of Materials

  • question_answer The stretch in a steel rod of circular section, having a length ?l' subjected to a tensile load 'P' and tapering uniformly from a diameter \[{{d}_{1}}\] at one end to a diameter \[{{d}_{2}}\] at the other end, is given:

    A) \[\text{Pl/4}\,E{{d}_{1}}{{d}_{2}}\]                

    B) \[\text{Pl}\,\pi \,E{{d}_{1}}{{d}_{2}}\]

    C) \[\text{Pl/4}E({{d}_{1}}.{{d}_{2}})\]               

    D) \[\text{4P}\text{.l/}\pi \text{.}E.{{d}_{1}}.{{d}_{2}}\]

    Correct Answer: D

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