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  • question_answer A cantilever beam carries a load W uniformly distributed over its entire length. If the same load is placed at the free and of the same cantilever, then the ratio of maximum deflection in the first case to that in the second case will be:

    A) 3/8                               

    B) 8/3

    C) 5/8                               

    D) 8/5

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    End deflection of a cantilever carrying udl, \[{{\delta }_{1}}=\frac{W{{L}^{3}}}{8EI}\] End deflection of a cantilever carrying concentrated load at the free end             \[{{\delta }_{2}}=\frac{W{{L}^{3}}}{3EI}\]             \[\frac{{{\delta }_{1}}}{{{\delta }_{2}}}=\frac{3}{8}\]

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