UPSC Ecology And Environment Environment And Sustainable Development / पर्यावरण और सतत विकास Question Bank Sustainable Development

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    Focusing on reducing carbon production to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is argued to be the wrong variable to focus on because:

    A) It is impossible to achieve

    B) The focus should be on carbon consumption

    C) It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions

    D) The focus should be on carbon elimination

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    In a situation where many countries such as UK after many years have made little progress towards achieving their Kyoto emissions reduction targets, critics are starting to point out that the situation would be much worse if these countries had not managed to get reduce their carbon production by exporting it to countries like China, by de facto exporting jobs. But the effect is illusionary, because we still import back from countries such as China the goods which we might have produced ourselves. Of course, the reason for exporting the jobs in the first place is to take advantage of low cost production locations. But if we keep consuming as we did before, at a global level nothing is achieved. We need to focus on carbon consumption. Hence 'The focus should be on carbon consumption' is the correct answer; 'It is impossible to achieve' is not true, as carbon production can be reduced at an aggregate level; 'It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide emissions' is simply wrong, as it is very much to do with carbon dioxide emissions; while 'The focus should be on carbon elimination' is merely a red herring; it does not mean anything.

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