UPSC Ecology And Environment Environment And Sustainable Development / पर्यावरण और सतत विकास Question Bank Sustainable Development

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    With reference to push factors, which of the following is/are economic factors responsible for migration of villagers towards cities take?
    I. Better and more opportunities
    II. Fragmentation of family owned land
    III. Lack of food

    A) Only I              

    B) Only I and II

    C) Only II & III                  

    D)  I, II and III

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    Orthodoxy, illiteracy, superstitions and fear keep back youth from moving out or changing profession, caste and religion. Rural social norms have a big influence in preventing violation of traditional norms of rural society. The punishing authority of Panchayats also contributes towards keeping back rural youth from taking new initiatives or adopting any change.

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