JEE Main & Advanced Chemistry Equilibrium / साम्यावस्था Question Bank Topic Test - Chemical Equilibrium (6-5-21)

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    In the reaction \[PC{{l}_{5(g)}}\]\[\rightleftharpoons \] \[PC{{l}_{3(g)}}\]\[+C{{l}_{2(g)}}.\]
    The equilibrium concentrations of \[PC{{l}_{5}}\] and \[PC{{l}_{3}}\] are 0.4 and 0.2 mole/litre respectively. If the value of \[{{K}_{c}}\]is 0.5 what is the concentration of \[C{{l}_{2}}\] in moles/litre

    A) 2.0

    B) 1.5

    C) 1.0

    D) 0.5

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] \[{{K}_{c}}=\frac{[PC{{l}_{3}}]\,\,[C{{l}_{2}}]}{[PC{{l}_{5}}]}=\frac{0.2\times x}{0.4}=0.5\], \[x=1\]

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