JEE Main & Advanced Physics Photo Electric Effect, X- Rays & Matter Waves Question Bank Topic Test - Photo Electric Effect, X-Rays & Matter Waves

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    A beam of light of wavelength \[\lambda \] and with illumination L falls on a clean surface of sodium. If N photoelectrons are emitted each with kinetic energy E, then

    A) \[N\propto L\] and \[E\propto L\]

    B)  \[N\propto L\]and \[E\propto \frac{1}{\lambda }\]

    C) \[N\propto \lambda \] and \[E\propto L\]

    D) \[N\propto \frac{1}{\lambda }\]and \[E\propto \frac{1}{L}\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    [b] Number of photons emitted is proportional to the intensity. Also \[\frac{hc}{\lambda }={{W}_{0}}+E\].

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