7th Class Science Transportation in Animals and Plants Question Bank Transportation in Plants and Animals

  • question_answer Read the following statements.          
    (i) ___tissue is involved in transportation of food in plants.                  
    (ii) Transpiration produces a__ pull in the plant that causes the water to move upwards.                   
    (iii) __ is the loss of water from leaves and other aerial parts of a plant.     '
    (iv) __ are known as soldiers of the body.                              
    Select the option that correctly fills up the blanks in any two of the statements.    

    A) (i)-Phloem; (iii)-Transpiration       

    B)  (ii)-Suction; (iv)-Platelets            

    C)  (i)-Xylem; (iv)-Leucocytes          

    D)  (iii) Transpiration; (iv) Plasma       

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    (i) Phloem, (ii) Suction or transpirational, (iii) Transpiration, (iv) White blood cells or leucocytes

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