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  • question_answer For a two-stage reciprocating compressor, compression from pressure \[{{p}_{1}}\] to \[{{p}_{3}}\] is with perfect intercooling and no pressure losses. If compression in both cylinders follows the same polytropic process and the atmospheric pressure is \[{{p}_{a'}}\] then the intermediate pressure \[{{p}_{2}}\] is given by:                     

    A) \[{{p}_{2}}=({{p}_{1}}+{{p}_{3}})/2\]          

    B) \[{{p}_{2}}=\sqrt{{{p}_{1}}.{{p}_{3}}}\]

    C) \[{{p}_{2}}={{p}_{a}}\frac{{{p}_{3}}}{{{p}_{1}}}\]            

    D) \[{{p}_{2}}={{p}_{a}}.\sqrt{{{{p}_{3}}}/{{{p}_{1}}}\;}\]

    Correct Answer: B

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