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  • question_answer In a two-stage compressor with ideal intercooling, for the work requirement to be minimum, the intermediate pressure \[{{p}_{i}}\] in terms of condenser and evaporator pressure \[{{p}_{c}}\] and \[{{p}_{e}}\] respectively is:

    A) \[pi={{p}_{c}}{{p}_{e}}\]                   

    B) \[pi={{p}_{i}}=\sqrt{{{P}_{a}}{{P}_{e}}}\]

    C) \[pi={{P}_{i}}=\sqrt{{{\text{P}}_{\text{a}}}\text{/}{{\text{P}}_{\text{e}}}}\] 

    D) \[pi={{\text{p}}_{\text{c}}}\text{/}{{\text{p}}_{\text{e}}}\]

    Correct Answer: B

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