4th Class English Verbs Question Bank Verbs

  • question_answer Direction: Read the passage and fill in the blanks. A learned pundit once_____(32) the court of Akbar. He told the king and his courtiers that he had mastery over many different languages. The Pundit could_____(33)_____ many  languages fluently. He challenged everybody at the court to name his mother tongue. when everyone ____(34)____ the challenge was taken up by Birbal. That night, Birbal went quietly to the pundit?s room when he was asleep. He ___ (35) ____ into the Pundit's ear and tickled it with a feather. The pundit, half ____(36)____, caried out suddenly and _____(37)_____out words in his mother tongue.

    A) whispered     

    B) shouted       

    C) cried                           

    D) laughed

    Correct Answer:


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