Railways Technical Ability Vibration Analysis Question Bank Vibration Analysis

  • question_answer If a spring-mass-dashpot system is subjected to excitation by a constant harmonic force, then at resonance, its amplitude of vibration will be:

    A) Infinity

    B) Inversely proportional to damping

    C) Directly proportional to damping

    D) Decreasing exponentially with time

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

    \[X=\frac{{{x}_{st}}}{\sqrt{(1-{{\beta }^{2}})}+{{(2\zeta \beta )}^{2}}}\] For \[\beta \,\,=\,\,1,\] \[X=\frac{{{x}_{st}}}{2\zeta }\propto \frac{1}{\zeta }\]

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