11th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology Sample Paper-3

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    An investigator places an isolated neuron in a calcium-free medium, gives the neuron a suprathres hold stimulus and then performs an assay to test whether neurotransmitter is released into the medium. Which of the following outcomes would you predict?

    A)  No neurotransmitter is detected since influx of calcium into the synaptic knob is required for neurotransmitter release.

    B)  No neurotransmitter is detected since influx of calcium is required in order for the neuron to conduct an action potential.

    C)  Neurotransmitter is detected since calcium is not required for action potential conduction and the initial stimulus was suprathres hold.

    D)  We cannot predict the outcome without knowing whether the neuron was myelinated or non-myelinated.

    Correct Answer: A

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