11th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology Sample Paper-3

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    Given below are four statements (a - d) each with two blanks, regarding morphology and physiology of cockroach. Select the option which correctly fills up the blanks in any two statements.
    (P) At the junction of (i) and midgut is present ring of 100-150 yellow coloured thin filamentous (ii).
    (Q)  (i) is a sac like structure, used for storing food. It is followed by (ii) which helps in grinding food.
    (R) The respiratory system consists of a network of (i) that open through 10 pairs of small holes called (ii) on lateral side of the body.
    (S) In both sexes, the (i) segment bears a pair of jointed filamentous structures called (ii).

    A)  (P) (i) Foregut, (ii) Gastric caecae  (S) (i) Tenth, (ii) Anal cerci

    B)  (P) (i) Hindgut, (ii) Malpighian tubules  (R)(i)Trachea,(ii)Spiracles                                                        

    C)  (Q) (i) Gizzard, (ii) Crop                                                                (S) (i) Sixth, (ii) Anal style

    D)  (Q) (i) Crop, (ii) Gizzard     (R) (i) Spiracles, (ii) Tracheoles

    Correct Answer: B

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