12th Class Biology Sample Paper Biology - Sample Paper-7

  • question_answer Expand MOET with reference to animal breeding. Describe the process and use of it.


    MOET is Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology It is a programme for herd improvement. It increases herd size in a short time.
    In the above process, a cow of desirable qualities is administered hormones with FSH-like activity, for super ovulation, i.e., for more than one egg maturation at the same time. Due to super ovulation the cow produces more than 6 - 8 eggs per cycle. The super ovulated animal is now mated with an elite bull or is artificially inseminated. The fertilised egg 8 - 32 cell stages are recovered non-surgically and transferred to surrogate mothers. This technique is used for cattle, sheep, rabbits, buffaloes, mares etc.

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