CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-7

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    Find the surface area of a cuboid 10 m long, 5 m broad and 3 m high.

    A)  104 sq m        

    B)  140 sq m

    C)  170 sq m         

    D)  190 sq m

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    Given that, \[l=10\,m,\] \[b=5\,m,\] \[h=3\,m\] \[\therefore \] \[lb=10\times 5=50\,{{m}^{2}}\] \[bh=5\times 3=15\,{{m}^{2}}\] \[hl=10\times 3=30\,{{m}^{2}}\] \[\therefore \] Surface area \[=2(lb+bh+hl)\] \[=2(50+15+30)\] \[=2\times 95\] \[=190\,sq\,m\]

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