CLAT Sample Paper CLAT Sample Paper-8

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    25 men can reap a field in 20 days. When should 15 men leave the work, if the wholes field is to be reaped in \[37\frac{1}{2}\] days after they leave the work?

    A)  6 days           

    B)  4 days 

    C)         5 days            

    D)         None of these

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    25 men can reap the field in 20 days. Since, 10 men can reap the field in \[\frac{20\times 25}{10}\] or 50 days. When 15 men leave the work, 10 men remain and these can reap in \[37\frac{1}{2}\] days \[\frac{37\frac{1}{2}}{50}\] or \[\frac{3}{4}\] of the field Hence, all men must work till \[\left( 1-\frac{3}{4} \right)\] or \[\frac{1}{4}\] of the field is reaped Now, 25 men reap \[\frac{1}{4}\] of the field in \[\frac{20}{4}\] or 5 days.

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