11th Class Computers Science Sample Paper Cyber Olympiad Sample Paper-1

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    There are five men A, B, C, D and E and six women P, Q, R, S, T and U. A, B and R are advocates, C, D, P, Q and S are doctors, and the rest are teachers. Some teams are to be selected from these eleven persons subject to the following Conditions:
    (i) A, P and U have to be together.
    (ii) B cannot go with D or R.
    (iii) E and Q have to be together.
    (iv) C and T have to be together.
    (v) D and P cannot go together.
    (vi) C cannot go with Q.
    If the team is to consist of one male advocate, one male doctor, one lady doctor and two teachers, the members of team are

    A) BCEQT                        

    B) ACPTU

    C) ADEPT                         

    D) ADEPU

    Correct Answer: B

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