11th Class Computers Science Sample Paper Cyber Olympiad Sample Paper-1

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    From a group of six boys Manoj, Nitin, Om, Pradeep, Raj, Ramesh and five girls  Geeta, Hema, Isha, Jaya, Kavita, a team of six is to be selected. Some of the criteria of selection are as under:
    (i) Manoj and Jaya go together.
    (ii) Om cannot be placed with Nitin.
    (iii) Isha cannot go with Jaya.
    (iv) Nitin goes with Hema.
    (v) Pradeep and Raj have to be together.
    (vi) Kavita and Ramesh go together.
    If a team consists of two girls and Isha is one of them, the other members of the team are

    A) Hema, Nitin, Om, Pradeep, Raj

    B) Kavita, Om, Pradeep, Raj, Ramesh

    C) Kavita, Ramesh, Manoj, Nitin, Pradeep

    D) Geeta, Manoj, Ramesh, Pradeep, Raj

    Correct Answer: B

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