6th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-17

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    Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
    Joan of Arc was born as a simple peasant girl I the fifteenth century. She never learned to read or write as she belonged to a poor family. But she did grow up with a strong religious education from her family who was deeply religious. At the age of 13, Joan believed that God wanted her to help King Charles VII of France to fight the English who were trying to capture the land of the French. When King Charles heard about her, he decided to test Joan to see if she had special powers as people had bee saying. He invited her to his court but let one of his
    nobles dress up as King. King Charles himself stood with the nobles in the crowd of his court but dressed as a nobleman. She was quickly able to point out to King Charles even though she had never seen him before. Since then Joan led the French army through one battle after another. She was victorious each time. Since King Charles had not yet been crowned King in a ceremony, she fought the battles for him so that he could be crowned. After all that Joan did for France, King Charles deceived Joan and let the English capture her for a huge amount of money. The English believed that Joan was a witch because of her special powers. Joan of Arc met a sad end when she was burnt to death. Because of the courage she showed at the time of her death, people were convinced that she was a saint. In 1920, Pope Benedict XV declared her a saint.
    Joan was able to point out to King Charles ever though he was dressed as a noblemar because__________.

    A) She had never met him before that moment

    B) She had met him before that moment

    C) She had special power

    D) She had no special powers

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    [c] Not Available

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