9th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-18

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    Arrange P, Q, R, S to give the correct sequence of the story given below. P: We can debate for years whose fault it was. Was your Mercedes driving too fast? Did the Alto ease into the highway with proper caution? At this moment, these questions seem immaterial. Q: No amount of monetary compensation will ever fill the void in her parents' hearts. As a mother with daughters of your own, it is unthinkable that you are choosing this moment of grief in what seems to be an attempt to free your conscience (and manage your public image) by blaming a father who has lost his youngest child. R: What happened last week was the stuff of nightmares. To be involved in a major collision on an Indian highway is scary and dangerous for everyone involved, no matter how big or small their car is. But what you are going through right now is a cakewalk compared to the anguish of Chinni's parents. And at a time like this to be releasing insensitive tweets blaming a grieving father is not just callous but downright inexcusable. S: Because regardless of which driver is to blame, I can say with certainty that it was definitely not Chinni's fault. Her life was senselessly lost, forever extinguished and she will never return to her parents. There will always be an empty seat at the family dinner table even when Chinni's favourite food is cooked and there will always be an empty bed even as her mother sits down to recites her favourite bedtime story.

    A) PRQS

    B) RSQP

    C) PQRS

    D) RQPS

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: A

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