8th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-1

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    Direction: Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:
    On a clear bright sunny day, take a powerful magnifying glass and a stack of newspapers and go outside for an experiment. Hold the magnifying glass over a pile of crumpled pages. Even though you are magnifying the power of sun's rays through the glass lens, you will never start a fire if you keep moving the glass. But if you hold the magnifying glass still allowing it to focus the rays in a concentrated beam of sun energy, you harness the power of the sun and multiplying it through the lens you start a fire. Focusing also works with your power of thought. Try it and ignite your wandering ideas. Set before yourself a great and definite life purpose. Hidden away in your innermost soul is a transcendent ideal capable of realization. What you need is not more capacity or greater opportunity, but increased resolution and concentration. Nothing will give you so much pleasure as the consciousness of asking daily progress toward a great life purpose.
    Wherein our transcendent ideal capable of realization is hidden?

    A) In our brain

    B) In innermost part of our soul

    C) In our mind

    D) In various books

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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