9th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-3

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    Direction: Read the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.
    Two apparently contrasting quotes give us a peek into the mind-space of Michael Phelps, the winningest Olympian of all time. "Swimming is normal for me. I'm relaxed. I'm comfortable, and I know my surroundings. It's my home." This one explains why he is so good at his sport. But it's the other quote that makes the Phelps story astonishing, inspiring ? and human: "I didn't care. I wanted nothing to do with the water. Nothing ... I was in a really dark place, not wanting to be alive anymore." The second quote is from circa 2014 ? he had fallen out of love with the sport, and himself. He struggled with alcohol abuse, got arrested twice for drunken driving, was adrift from his close ones, and even thought of ending his life. He has now ended up with 28 medals, more than most nations, and can put up his feet as the most decorated Olympian.
    To be the fastest swimmer in the world for so many years is creditworthy in itself, but the human back-story of his accomplishments makes him greater. What also makes him special is his graciousness in occasional defeats, and his friendly demean our that his teammates have talked about. It would have been easy for him to be a prima donna, or to focus solely on his individual game. But Phelps has often burst his gut for the team relays. Lesser sportsmen than him have shirked team responsibilities but Phelps has come up with his best timings for the team.
    His is a vastly different personality from Usain Bolt, the other great Olympian of our time. The Jamaican is almost childlike in his chest-thumping boisterousness, "Look at me, the greatest". The American is quieter, but an equally great athlete who doesn't indulge in histrionics his astonishing skills do all the talking for him. We can be thankful that both are contemporaries, and in the years to come it will be quite something to say that we saw Phelps and Bolt at their best.
    Apart from swimming what else makes Michael
    Phelps a special one?

    A) Instead of words, letting his astonishing skills do all the talking for him.

    B) Graciousness in occasional defeats

    C) Reverting back from a dark space

    D) An unbelievable feat in Olympics

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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