8th Class English Sample Paper English Olympiad Model Test Paper-4

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    Direction: Given below is a letter to the Editor of Times of India. The letter is having four blanks marked I, II, III And IV which should be filled by the statements provided in P, Q, R. S. Give the correct sequence of the statements to make the letter sensible.
    The Editor
    Times of India
    New Delhi
    Through the column of your esteemed newspaper__ I _of terrorism. Present world has been facing many problems, __II___. Almost every day there is a blast or attack taking place all over the world. People are afraid of coming out of their houses. Once they come out, they don't know whether they will be return back safely or not. It is a big challenge in front of us. ____III____.
    I hope that the governments and the civilized people   of   the   world   will   work collectively ____IV___ so that this beautiful world can be made much safer place to live in.
    Yours faithfully
    Rajesh Sharma
    P: We need to address its root cause to eradicate it
    Q: To solve this problem
    R: I would like to express my views on the
    S: Terrorism is one of them
    Choose your answer from the given options:

    A) SRQP 

    B) RSPQ

    C) PSRQ

    D) QRPS

    E) None of these

    Correct Answer: B

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