8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 10

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    Answer any one of the following:
    Give two or three examples to show how Science has been useful to us and how science has been misused, and has thus been harmful to us.
    Imagine you have a new pet that keeps you busy. Write a paragraph describing your pet, the things it does, and the way it makes you feel. Here are some words and phrases that you could use.
    frisky, smart, disobedient, loyal, happy, enthusiastic, companion, sharing friend, rolls in mud, dirties the bed, naughty, lively, playful, eats up food, hides the newspaper, drinks up milk, runs away when called, floats on the water as if dead.


    Advantages of Science:
    (a) Advent of computers.
    (b) Science has improved technology.
    (c) Different merits in the field of forecast weather, internet, e-mail, fax through satellite system.
    (d) Better transport system.
    (e) Development of nuclear power.                                                                                                           
    Disadvantages of Science:
    (a) Misuse of nuclear power and the devastation produced havoc in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in Japan when atom bomb was thrown during the Second World War by America.
    (b) Cyber crime through widespread use of computers in the younger generation is quite prevalent. It is menace to the society.
    My father had promised to give me a pet on my birthday. I was a little doubtful about it but was extremely happy when I received a Pomeranian dog on my birthday. Instantly it became my greatest companion. It is great to have an enthusiastic pet around. It does not let me have a single dull moment.
    It is so naughty and playful that would roll in the mud and then would jump on my bed to make it dirty. On the other hand it is so smart and loyal that it could guess my mood whenever I am sad and would make me happy with its playful antics. It is really fantastic to have a pet.


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