8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 10

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    Read the outlines of a story given below. Write it in full using these outlines and your own ideas.
    Assign a suitable title to it.  
    Outlines:-A merchant has an ass?does not treat him well?overloads him?carries salt?ass falls into a stream?the salt melts?burden becomes lighter?makes it a habit?master sees through the trick- loads cotton?ass falls?load becomes heavier.
    In a village ? a clever elephant ? there a river nearby ? used to go for bath daily ? it was passing by a tailor shop. The tailor ? bananas daily. One day not given bananas ? pricked needle. Elephant angry ? came with muddy water in its trunk ? sprayed muddy water ? tailor's shop ? dirty. The tailor ? repented.


    The Ass and his Load of Salt
    Once there was a shopkeeper in a village. He had an ass. He took much work from it but did not feed it well. He always tried to overload the ass. One day the ass was carrying salt. As usual, it was overloaded. The ass could hardly carry it. When the ass was crossing the stream, it stumbled and fell down. It got up with difficulty. When the ass came out of water, it found that the load had become quite light. A good quantity of salt had dissolved in water.
    Next day the shopkeeper again brought salt. This time the ass fell down knowingly, and much of the salt was dissolved in water. The shopkeeper got angry at this. He saw that was the trick of the ass. He decided to teach the ass a lesson.
    Next day, the shopkeeper loaded the ass with cotton. While crossing the stream, the ass fell down as usual. The cotton became wet and too heavy. The ass got up and came out with great difficulty. He could not walk. The master beat it with his stick to make it run faster. The ass learnt a lesson and never repeated the mischief.             
    In a village, there lived a clever elephant. The elephant used to go for bath to the nearby river. He passed through a tailor?s shop daily. The tailor gave the elephant a banana daily. Days passed by. One day the tailer had a hot argument with one of his customers. So he was in a bad mood. At the same time the elephant came to his shop. The tailor did not give him any banana today, instead pricked a needle to his trunk. The poor elephant felt disappointed. He was angry as well. He went away quietly to the river. After sometime, the elephant came with the muddy water in his trunk and sprayed the muddy water over the tailor. His whole shop was dirty. The tailor felt sorry and understood that it is what we giving that we receive.

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