8th Class English Sample Paper English Sample Paper - 10

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    Read the following stanza and answer the questions given below:                                                           
    "Come and hire me", I cried, while in the morning
    I was walking on the stone-paved road.
    Sword in hand the king came in his chariot
    He held my hand and said, " will hire you with my power"
    But his power counted for naught and he went away in his chariot.
    (i) Who is the speaker of the above lines?
    (ii) What does is 'Sword in hand' suggest?
    (iii) Why could the king not conquer the narrator?
    (iv) Name the poem and poet of the above lines.


    (i) An unemployed but freedom loving person is the speaker of these lines.
    (ii) ?Sword in hand? suggests the power of the king.
    (iii) The king could not conquer the narrator because the narrator did not give any importance to his power.
    (iv) Poem: The Last Bargain.
    Poet: Rabindranath Tagore.        

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